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Friday, 3 November 2017


Who did this to you?
Who destroyed you this much?
Who tied you down with the chains of "impossible"?
Who invented that word?!
It shouldn't be in existence.
It's held you down and destroyed you.
What if I told you to wash of "IM"?
What if I told you it were possible?
Whose report would you believe?
What if I told you it may to be hard but baby, you can.
What if I told you it may not be easy but it's definitely going to be worth it.
What if I told you the wounds you get in the process, will make you a hero to many.
What if I told you your scars would be a motivation to people.
What if I told you, you're a model, crafted specially by God to breathe "I'M POSSIBLE" and not "IMPOSSIBLE".
What if I told you your dreams are valid.
What if I told you God would be disappointed if you gave up.
What if I told you, you'll be robbing the world of magic if you held back.
What if I told you, you'd be wasting your potential if you coiled back in fear.

I know it's scary, that's why you should grab it by the horn.
People have gone before you, they weren't any better than you are now.
Break out of the claws of impossibility that has held you down.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Hot tears running down my face
Unexplainable pain tearing my heart
Sitting on the floor with with my wrapper sprawled on the ground.
Mother tries to comfort me but I can't be comforted.
She eulogizes me but her words make no meaning to me.
"Amope my daughter, You can't tell Kabiyesi. If you do, your father will be killed and I'll be a widow" She says.
Her words irritate me.
"No! He killed and must be killed too" I shout, getting up and looking at her with bloodshot eyes.
She breaks down in tears and deep down in my heart, I know I can't hurt her........
My soul thirsts for the one I love
In the darkest of nights,
I long for his arms around me
Ade mi, Oko mi, Ife mi.
The one my heart longs for
The one I burn for
Sweet memories haunt me
Memories that should be cherished, hurt me instead
Under the mango tree, with my love.
His strong arms holding me
His body shielding me from the cold night 
Whispering sweet words into my ears
"Aya mi, it's you and I forever"
Then out of nowhere, the sound of gunshots
The cry of Ade mi echoes in my head
Thick red blood gushes out of his side
He holds on to me for support
Gently holding on to me as his last breathe leaves him
"I love you, Aya mi" were his last words
"Nooooooo" I shout
"Who has done this to my heart?" I wail
I look up to see the face of the beast but he'd turned away
As he strides away, my cries go with him
I recognize that stride anywhere
I fought myself and called my eyes liars
But deep within, I know that was my father
Baa mi had killed my love and I can't tell anyone
My heart shred into pieces never to be mended 
Life would never be the same

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


A word I've come to hate
They've all gone, very far
Some are close to getting "it"
Others are not, but they are all far ahead of me.
Yet you ask me to wait!
You keep holding me back here
I know I have what it takes
I know the costs and the stakes
I can do more than their expectations
I know I can surpass their peaks.

Why do you keep holding me back?
Why won't you let the spotlight shine on me?
Why won't you let me go out and get a "name"?
Do you hate me so much that you don't want to see me celebrated?
What is it about me that you have refused me to be revealed?
You keep whispering, in my ears, "Wait, wait".
I'm getting tired of waiting .....

His reply
"And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel.
Your day of showing is yet to come
I love you too much to put you out there prematurely.
You despise this desert experience, but you're ignorant of the fact that it's building you..
Wait, my child or you'll rise  like smoke only to disappear without a trace.
Wait princess, lest you be like them, here today and gone tomorrow.
Wait for the appointed time
Wait for your time of "shewing"
They may have gone ahead of you but they are not ahead of you
Because when I'm ready to reveal to the world what I've been working on, in you, I accelerate you.
Have you not heard? They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they  shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not  be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.'
So wait, for in no time your wings will be ready to soar.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

My Own

Sweet is the thrill of passionate joy you bring
Loving you and no other is the breathe I take
Thoughts of you fill me up for even more
Sweet heart you are the only one I desire

The one I love to talk to
About my day and all my flaws too
Your eyes and your strong arms give me solitude
Baby, it's you I'll tell it all to

Your kind is hard to find
Yet, you're the only one of your kind
Your charm and your smile can't leave my mind
Under your arms baby, I want to hide

Your voice, a sweet melody to my ears
Your laugh, the sound that chases my fears
Your heartbeat, what can compare?
The things you say, baby, I long to hear

I sit and smile at the things I wrote
'Cause my pen alone can't express what I behold
But still I'm satisfied with my unintelligent note
'Cause baby I know that you're my own